Institute Priorities

The Whitehead Institute Fellows Program

The Whitehead Institute Fellows Program provides young scientists with the freedom, resources, space, and support to run their own labs. Without teaching responsibilities, fellows are provided the opportunity to solely focus on their independent research projects.  This program is based in the belief that nurturing scientists during their most innovative years will accelerate their careers as scientific leaders and the outcome has been stellar. Today, Whitehead Institute Fellows lead major pharmaceutical companies, serve as deans of premier medical institutes, and one is a NASA astronaut.

Fellows are appointed for a three-year term that is usually extended to five years.  Learn more about the current Whitehead Institute Fellows:

Olivia Corradin
Kristin Knouse
Silvia Rouskin

For list of former Whitehead Institute Fellows, please click here.

The Discovery Research Fund

The Discovery Research Fund will establish a source of funding for early stage basic research – funding for bold new ideas that lay the groundwork for the therapies of tomorrow.  The goal of the fund is to provide capital to get breakthrough ideas off the ground. In its final planning stage, it is anticipated that the Fund will launch in late 2018.

Donors to the Discovery Research Fund will contribute to the very fabric of Whitehead Institute as they will have conversations with Members about scientific vision and learn details of their progressing research.

Whitehead Institute Named Professorships

Whitehead Institute Faculty are widely recognized as among the most influential scientists in the world. Of the sixteen faculty, two are National Medal of Science recipients, four are Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, and nine are members of the National Academy of Science.

The excellence of Whitehead Institute is a direct result of its ability to attract and retain the very finest faculty members and academic leaders. Endowed professorships support the work of these outstanding faculty, significantly advancing their work as teachers, scholars and researchers. A gift of $5 million dollars will establish this endowment and maintain the name given to the professorship in perpetuity. Donors may choose to name the professorship after themselves or in honor or memory of another person.