New tools, models, and methods are catalysts for scientific discovery. And the drive for discovery, in turn, inspires novel technology and approaches that address new problems and opportunities. Whitehead Institute scientists are renowned for creating methods and tools that make major breakthroughs possible. They are especially effective at creating and expanding the use of model systems—nonhuman organisms that are invaluable tools for illuminating human biological function.

Whitehead Institute in also well known for its state-of-the-art technical facilities, which are fundamental to the pioneering work done by its scientists. The facilities provide extraordinary capabilities in:

Bioinformatics and Research Computing —  helping scientists to develop new analytic tools and enhance the productivity of research data.

Genetically Engineered Models —  producing scores of new mouse models for human disease, notably the creation of “transnuclear mice” from B cells and T cells.

Genome Technology —  providing gene sequencing and microarray analysis that enables scientists to peer more deeply into the function and impact of gene expression.

Metabolite Profiling — helping to define the roles played by small molecule and lipid metabolites in cancer biology, aging, microbial pathogenesis, and many other areas.

Proteomics — utilizing high resolution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography for protein identification, comparative proteomics and quantitative proteomics.

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